Available for:

Live Appearances: Costume Rental "Plus Talent"
Milestone provides the Actors and the costumes - making it more "turn key" for you.  

We make all their arrangements so the package then includes:

  • Authentic, fully Licensed Costumes - same one we use in our Live Stage Shows !
  • Professional Performers - approved by Brand Owner and Milestone
  • Royalty Compensation
  • Licensing Fee
  • "Promotional Assets" (Official Images and Graphics you can use in your Promotional Materials)
  • Pre-Event "advance" Call(s) between a Milestone Event Producer and Your Main Event Contact (to get all the ducks in a row)
  • Air & Ground Transportation for performers - as required
  • All Travel Arrangements
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Costume Cleaning upon return - NO ADDED CHARGES

Mini Show: A full day of mini shows, each followed by a meet and greet.

Milestone provides the Costumes, Actors and a human "Host" 
3 - 4 Mini Shows each day followed by Meet and Greet make for a full day!

  • a "host" (a strong "Live" character with a great Stage Presence and wonderful singing voice) comes out and "warms up" the crowd by interacting with them and performing a song
  • the host then introduces the character(s )- who take the "stage" with entrance music and fanfare
  • the host and characters then lead the fans through 2 or 3 more songs 
  • such that this "mini-show" runs 15 - 20 minutes
  • and is then IMMEDIATELY followed by a 30 minute Meet and Greet
  • making it a 45- 50 minute event that gets run 3 - 4 times within the 7-hour "span" according to a schedule that works best for you.

The  "Mini Show" concept is a great option when you want to "highlight the Characters" on stage for promotional reasons without the "Full Show" production price tag.

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Care Bears

  • ​​Brand launched in 1982
  • ​Multi-generational fan base 
  • ​Iconic pop-culture brand
  • Successful/sold out programs at retailers like Costco, Forever 21, and Target. 
  • ​Over 1 billion media and social impressions​​

Care Bears ™ and related trademarks © 2015 Those Characters From Cleveland, Inc. TCFC is a subsidiary of American Greetings

Care Bears™ are “the Colors of Caring”! Throughout 2018, they are brightening the world and inspiring others to share and care by creating and gifting custom care packages to lucky fans on their social platforms. These care packages highlight some of the most popular Care Bears, their respective colors and a monthly theme.

Celebrate the Colors of Caring at your event! With Milestone's live appearance program, you can spread cheer with the Care Bears while hosting an event for your audience. Let’s inspire the world to share and care.

Care Bears products can be found at these retailers:

  • ​​Target: Care Bear onesies
  • Forever 21: Apparel for girls and women
  • ​Hot Topic: Apparel
  • Nordstrom: Toddler/kids apparel
  • ​Walmart: Toys and onesies
  • Toys-R-Us: Toys