Available for:

Costume Rentals: Milestone supplies costume and digital assets to promote your event
(Buyer supplies talent)

Live Appearances: Costume Rental "Plus Talent"
Milestone provides the Actors and the costumes - making it more "turn key" for you.  

We make all their arrangements so the package then includes:

  • Authentic, fully Licensed Costumes - same one we use in our Live Stage Shows !
  • Professional Performers - approved by Brand Owner and Milestone
  • Royalty Compensation
  • Licensing Fee
  • "Promotional Assets" (Official Images and Graphics you can use in your Promotional Materials)
  • Pre-Event "advance" Call(s) between a Milestone Event Producer and Your Main Event Contact (to get all the ducks in a row)
  • Air & Ground Transportation for performers - as required
  • All Travel Arrangements
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Costume Cleaning upon return - NO ADDED CHARGES

Stage Show ​(30 minute production)

We’re friends because we’re different and friends cuz we’re the same. No matter were we come from we share a common name……Friend. 

Grab a friend by the paw and join the furry fun of a “Giggle Jam”.  Meet Clay, Ice, Grizz & Ray-Ling - off their highly successful debut gig at Dollywood.

They’re calling all their friends and friends-to-be to join them in Song and Giggles - cuz when the Giggle Bears jam, it’s time to sing, dance, and be bear-y.

or Call 413-304-2112​

Giggle Bears, Giggle Jam, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Milestone Productions. All Rights Reserved.